The Chow is How

We developed The Chow is How campaign for Cat Chow, delivering a bold new look and unique tactics that reinvigorated brand. The goal of this campaign was to position Cat Chow as a reassuring source of knowledge and support for its target demographic—cat parents and the cats they love.

ClientPurina Cat Chow
Chow is How LTF 1
Chow is How LTF 2

The Chow is How works in both a Question/Answer and Statement format. The copy flexes in voice/tone for different channels, depending on whether the strategic intent is to drive purpose or affinity. Moreover, it speaks to all formulas in the product portfolio.

In terms of content, the copy focuses on the cat parent, highlights nutritional benefits and stays grounded in realistic insights that a cat parent might have about their cat. Modern lifestyle imagery focuses on relatable moments cat parents will recognize in their own cats. An updated color palate and type treatment brighten up all Cat Chow’s communications.

Print ads


We developed a comprehensive tactical plan to show how different channels might coordinate to bring the campaign to life in a unified way.


We refreshed the brand’s website to make it easy for cat parents to find the right grain-free formula for their cat.


We wanted to empower her to make better decisions for herself and her cat with a micro-content email series called “12 Steps to a More Complete You, As Taught By Your Cat.”

At the conclusion of the mirco content series, we would release all 12 steps as an e-book and make it an activity in the brand loyalty program, rewarding her for downloading the content and sharing it with a friend.

chow is how ebook

Social Media

We brought The Chow is How to life across all channels, focusing on different formulas and relatable cat moments.