Dana LaCoco is an art director with a whole mess o’ digital and social experience. She’s pretty good at bringing brand ideas to life, and even better at coming up with ideas when the creative brief is like “hey, so we need something cool…”

In her spare time, Dana crafts, wears sweaters, pets cats, writes about terrible television at Reality TV Ph.D and co-hosts the Purrder, She Wrote podcast with Sunshine.

Sunshine LeMontree

Sunshine LeMontree is a copywriter who loves to think up big ideas for brands, noodle on killer headlines and get stuff done. She’s written all kinds of things (social, display, web, in-store, out of home, scripts for radio and video, storyboards, style guides, pitch decks and probably whatever else you can think of) for all kinds of brands.

In her spare time, she’s an avid reader, amateur photographer and travel enthusiast. In her other spare time, she co-writes young adults novels inspired by Norse mythology and co-hosts a podcast called Purrder, She Wrote! with Dana. (Apparently, she likes to do creative projects with other people.)