Cat Chow Twitter

Cat Chow has 50,000 followers on Twitter, and we make it a priority to keep our fellow cat lovers entertained and informed. We balance trending and product content (all while using our best cat puns).

ClientPurina Cat Chow

Mmm. Strong with this one, the Force is.

naturals product post

holiday survey

dog day tweet

Loyalty Program

Twitter is also the main platform to promote new rewards and points opportunities for Cat Chow’s Perks program. We proposed new ideas to keep members engaged, such as bundling rewards into a PerksBox and refreshing their icon library.

new perks icons


There’s just something ‘bout those Perks Perks Perks. Earn DOUBLE points when you buy Cat Chow Complete or Indoor.


perks text gif

Did you know you can earn points just by telling us what kind of cat you have? Now that’s fanTABBYlous.


party cat

Our new reward bundles mean you BOTH get treats in the mail—and we’re not even talking about the box.